Updated xPLlib, with support for large fragmented messages

After some discussion a proposal was made on the xPL forums to add fragmentation so the message size limit could be bypassed. The schema for this is ‘fragment.basic’ and support for it has been added to the xPL library for .NET in version 5.4.

There are some other minor updates too, check the changelog for those.

xPLLib for .NET is available for download on the xPLLib page


Some updates; xPLLib and WireShark xPL dissector

Today I posted some long overdue updates. Quite some time ago it was agreed to loosen up the xPL protocol with regard to the values in the xPL message body.

From pure ASCII it now allows UTF8 encoding for the values (keys remain ASCII only). At the same time the length restriction of 128 characters was lifted, which basically means that the value can be as long as the overall message size supports (which is set at 1500 bytes).

So todays updates are the xPLLib for .NET, version 5.3, updated to allow these changes and the WireShark dissector, version 1.1, which will now show a warning (for backward compatibility) in cases of UTF8 and long values.

There are some other minor updates too, check the changelog for those.

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Updated xPLLib 5.2 and SMS application 1.2.25

During the development of the experimental UPnP gateway, I ran into more bugs in the xPLLib, some pretty serious ones to be honest. So as of yesterday the new version is available.

The SMS application remains functionally the same, its only updated because it might be affected by the bugs fixed in the new lib.

Check the xPL page for the details and downloads.

New xPLLib version 5.0 for .NET

Starting of in an endeavour with xPL, I went through the sources of the existing xPLLib 4.4 by Tom Van Den Panhuyzen. Then starting to update it as I saw fit, just as a means of getting acquainted with xPL.

Then again, after a lot of work and rewriting over 80-90% of the code, I might as well publish it. Several issues that existed with the previous version have been fixed. Unfortunately, due to the major change of the object model, its not backward compatible (not even close).

For now; here it is. Its absolutely certain that it is not bug-free, but please try and help me fix it. I haven’t setup a bugtracker for this yet, but once setup it’ll be on the xPL page.

The downloads are on the xPL page.