Access settings stack in VBA

This is a similar piece of code as the ExcelSettingsStack posted earlier.

It does pretty much the same thing, but has some differences due to Excel settings being read/write and Access settings mostly being write-only. It provides the same two base functions; Push and Pop. The Push function stores the provided settings (or current settings for all optionals left blank) and sets them. Upon Pop, the previous settings on the stack are restored. If settings are write-only, the previous value on the stack is used as the current setting. The current setttings can be retrieved through the Last property.

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VBA splitter control to dynamically resize controls on a userform

Here’s another post of something I created long ago, yet never got to post. Just trying to catch up here 🙂

While looking for a control myself to achieve this, I couldn’t find any. Some VB6 controls we’re available, yet when distributing spreadsheets or databases I just don’t like to create to much dependencies on external controls. Quite often the support required goes through the roof when external dependencies are used.

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