About me

As a person I am straightforward, enthusiastic, and loyal and I have a strong preference towards working in a team. I like to solve complex problems and to create structure from chaos. I have a keen sense of technical curiosity and hence a thorough technical understanding. As such, I like to work in an environment with a mix of both business and technical challenges. I’ve always been programming on the side, from commercial and industrial applications during my study to open source projects and internal business systems at Logica.

I have previously worked for Atos (datacenters and outsourcing) as a technical project manager, CGI (formerly Logica / LogicaCMG) as a business consultant, and I am co-founder of Niles homeautomation services. Currently I work for Mashape as an engineer.

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Ever since I got my first computer (Commodore 64) I have been programming. At the age of 14 I made it to the finals of the Micro Masters Holland programming contest (1986, beginner category) within a year after I got my C64. At 15 I had taught myself the binary and hexadecimal numeral systems and got into 6510 assembler coding (now where’s the IDE when you need one? 🙂 ).

While still in high school (Dutch: HAVO) I wrote my first commercial applications; an invoicing application for a forage trader and a warehouse application for a transport business. My first experience with databases; dBase III plus.

During college (Dutch: HTS) our IT teacher taught Pascal (Turbo Pascal 3) because it was more accessible than C. Though Pascal was fun and an easy step towards Delphi which I used a lot later, C endured longer and is still a corner-stone language which I only recently started to master. Anyway, at the time, using Pascal, we build an industrial application to control a heatbed for the production of windturbine rotorblades at a nearby factory. I did the software where my friend build the electronics.

LAfter I landed my first job with Atos (a predecessor company called Origin at the time), coding got on a sidetrack. Whatever I coded was usually MS Office automation using VBA, and some early Lotus Notes stuff. Though not as sexy as tinkering with industrial controls, my proficiency with Excel and Access and automating them through VBA, really helped to ease my everyday life. No way could I have handled so much data without these skills.

After my MBA I switched jobs to Logica (now CGI). This is when I started to miss coding the more technical stuff. At Logica I build 2 business systems in some idle time. Both in Excel VBA ( 😕 I know, but it was all we had available, and yes, it was a mess). One a timeregistration/forecasting tool, the other a purchasing application. Especially the latter intrigued me, tens of thousands of purchasing forms (Excel) where send in and consolidated and reported (also Excel) over the two and a half years it was in use. I was really suprised by the load it could handle.

In my own time I got back to the technical stuff through Girder (home automation). It introduced me to my all time favorite language; Lua. The coolest little scripting language around. I wrote several Girder plugins and addons, of which some have hit the 10.000 downloads. Additionally I did a commercial job writing a Girder driver for the “rfxmitter” by rfxcom.

Home automation also got me into the xPL project, a network protocol aimed at leightweight devices for home automation. I am currently one of the admins of the project and maintainer of the .Net and Lua based xPL libraries. I wrote several applications, including a WireShark dissector for xPL network protocol analysis.

Though xPL was nice for simple stuff it lacked solid profiles and security. Base ingredients for anything professional to be created with it. So I got involved in UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). Currently I’m a member of two of their workgroups; FriendlyDevice and HEMS (Home Energy Management and SmartGrid)

While coding in Lua I started using it standalone as well for all sort of little gizmos. By now I’m the maintainer of several Lua modules like Date (date & time library), Copas (coroutine based socket scheduler), a Raspberry Pi GPIO interface, and the LuaRocks package manager (Windows platform)

LG_NILES_Kleur_witte_randIn 2014 I left Logica to start Niles, which got me firmly back into technology. Niles is a smarthome services company, integrating existing smarthome products into a complete system. I’m responsible for operations (roll-out in new build homes, and support services) and technology (developing an integration backend to connect all products together). Central technologies used are Z-wave for the main part, supplemented with systems like the Nest thermostat, Philips Hue lighting, Sonos audio, and many others.

After I left Niles, I continued in home automation as an independent installer, and later joined Mashape as engineer for their flagship open source product Kong. Kong is an api gateway build on top of Nginx, OpenResty and (of course) Lua.



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