Since I started with Home Automation, Girder has pretty much been the core of the system. I found Girder to be extremely powerfull in automating practically everything on a PC. As long as you can connect a device to your PC, Girder can probably control it.

Unfortunately the application has an incredible steep learning curve, the interface is cluttered and there are dialogs with options and preferences all over the place. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be wanting to do some none standard stuff and you’ll have to go script in Lua. Thats no problem by the way, Girder was my entry point into Lua, and I can only say that I fell in love with the Lua scripting language, just so simple, but so powerfull.

Nevertheless, I did some development in Girder and here is the list of stuff that I created so far (most of it used to be available on the Girder site, but all downloads have moved here);

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gets events from Win XP Mediacenter and forwards them to Girder, so you can control stuff based on whats currently happening in your mediacenter

MCE-Spy zip file (downloaded 13458 times).

through this topic in the Girder forum

Network Checker

Network Checker screenshot

Network Checker

performs a ‘ping’ command at several hosts in a repeating manner, so if a connection fails, or a system comes online, it can be detected and acted upon.

Network Checker zip file (downloaded 4369 times).

through this topic in the Girder forum

Treescript template

Girder has an extension mechanism in Lua, in which you can create your own actions and conditionals. This template can be used to ease the learning curve. Just fill-in-the-blanks.

Treescript template zip file (downloaded 11778 times).

through this topic in the Girder forum

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RFXmitter driver

RFXmitter command

the RFXmitter device can control a host of cheap do-it-yourself hardware. This driver lets you sent commands with the RFXmitter from Girder.

RFXmitter driver zip file (downloaded 1997 times).

through this topic in the Girder forum

Change history
0.3    03-apr-11
Fixed settings loading/storing, current setting for handshake
option will not be retained!! set it again manually!
Added a debug option
0.2.1  14-Sep-10 (this version was never publicly available)
Removed messages being posted to the interactive lua console
Added variable ‘RFXmitter.Debug’, when set to true the driver
will generate more logging info on the interactive lua console
Added ‘troubleshooting section’ to the readme file (this file)
Renamed ‘HomeEasy’ to ‘AC’ (REQUIRES MANUAL UPDATES!! each
action in the Girder tree must have its ‘Protocol’ setting
changed at least once to set the correct values again)
0.2   17-May-10
Fixed HomeEasy EU, UK-preset & EU-preset, bug
Fixed group commands HomeEasy EU & UK
Added experimental protocol for testing (only for specifically prepared devices!)
Improved verbose information on status and versions
Fixed bug SendRFXCommand function
0.1   01-Apr-10
Initial version

xPLGirder component

The xPLGirder component is a Girder component (written in Lua) that connects Girder to the xPL network. The component was initially written by HarleyDude (Richard A Fox Jr.).

Details are on this page.

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