xPL infrastructure check package

This xPL application can be added to windows installers to enhance the enduser experience.

One of the drawbacks of xPL is that is requires some generic components to be setup to make it all work and hence it’s not always as intuitive as we would like. I developed this package to add it to my own applications to help users, at the end of the installation, to get everything setup right.

This application checks the infrastructure/xPL requirements for installing xPL applications. If everything is OK, a message is presented and the user can close the form. If not then the user is presented with some options to fix what’s wrong.

There are 2 ways of using it;

  1. standalone executable, that can be used by end users to check their local installation (executable ‘xPLCheckPackage.exe’)
  2. embedded in an xPL application installer (what is was designed for). In this case it will popup at the end of the installation of an xPL application (Merge module ‘xPLCheckPackageMM.msm’)

The package includes the xPL hub application and the xPL Diagnostics (both created by Mal Lansell). The user can select to install these. An automatic check is performed whether newer versions for either application is available, and if so the user gets prompted to download one.


xPL Check Package screenshot


19-May-2010, version 1.3: Two bugs fixed; timer resources are now properly released, and if the windows firewall is not enabled, the exception is properly handled.

26-Feb-2010, version 1.2: There was an issue with the Windows Installer popping up for an auto-repair action. Fixed it in this version. The result now also includes  a Windows Installer “Merge Module”. See the readme for details on how to use it.

10-Feb-2010, version 1.1: Added a version check of the embedded applications. Allowing the user to download a newer version if available.

Downloads and support

Downloads: xplcheckpackage_1_3 (downloaded 11584 times).
Support: xPL project forums
Source code: xPL project SVN

3 thoughts on “xPL infrastructure check package

  1. Thanks for this. I suspect i may be the major downloader but getting xPL hanging together is not very easy. This has picked up closed ports and stuff which I’d never have found.

  2. Thank You very much…
    I upgraded from XP to Win7 (means complete new installation) and its runsinstantly, everything works fine. What a difference from a two days try & error installation on XP about three years ago 🙂

    Thanks Again!

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