Update to the UPnP – Lua gateway engine

Just posting this as I’ll be away for a couple of weeks, so what did I fix since last post;

  • Todo: UPnP security service has not been implemented (must have!)
  • Todo: Some of the wrapper code (mutexes, waithandles and sockets) are not complete for all platforms yet, currently it only runs on Windows, but this should be limited as the wrappers themselves have all been created already
  • Todo: Solid logger, as its designed to be used in the background without an interface, it must provide solid logging, even if only for troubleshooting and debugging
  • Todo: Serial library; currently network connections are supported through the LuaSocket library, but serial connections must be added to (probably through ser2net, but that lacks a windows version AFAIK)
  • Todo: The demo is a single Lua file (which is totally crap code), and should be replaced by a Lua side object oriented framework to access and modify UPnP devices/controlpoints

The framework is ready and working (probably needs to see some more testing, but its here). So check the download and compare the previous NetworkLight.lua file with the new NetworkLight2.lua file. Major cleanup. Also when you run the sample, all output is now generated by the added logger module. Allows for logging to files, console, email, tcp, etc. (thank you Kepler project!)

The demo code now only consists of the web folder (xml device/service descriptions) and the NetworkLight2.lua file (the remainder is the UPnP-Lua engine). The framework will parse the xml descriptions and generate the objects from it. All that is left is creating a list of action implementations and optionally set default values, these can be set using a ‘creator’ function, and that is exactly the code in the NetworkLight2.Lua file.

Here’s the download (downloaded 1585 times)

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