New xPLLib version 5.0 for .NET

Starting of in an endeavour with xPL, I went through the sources of the existing xPLLib 4.4 by Tom Van Den Panhuyzen. Then starting to update it as I saw fit, just as a means of getting acquainted with xPL.

Then again, after a lot of work and rewriting over 80-90% of the code, I might as well publish it. Several issues that existed with the previous version have been fixed. Unfortunately, due to the major change of the object model, its not backward compatible (not even close).

For now; here it is. Its absolutely certain that it is not bug-free, but please try and help me fix it. I haven’t setup a bugtracker for this yet, but once setup it’ll be on the xPL page.

The downloads are on the xPL page.

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