All new UPnP-2-xPL gateway

It’s been more than a year since I actually updated the gateway, but this is a major overhaul, still early stage, so probably going to be buggy.

The xPL schema set has been revised and is more thorough, the entire UPnP device description will now be announced and it will be done in a more structured way (check the readme for the schema details). Obviously there is no compatibility with the previous version. But that was a piece of disposable-test-code anyway.

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The interface is now pretty useless, just shows devices arriving and leaving, no more no less. No more logging of what is going on. Might come back, but for now this is it.

One of the main reasons for not updating it was that I had no real use for it so far. With the xPLGirder plugin for Girder being ready and actually pretty stable, the gateway can now be put to good use, but needs maturing. We’ll see about that, check this forum thread for updates on the progress.

So whats needed to get going;

  • Simply using it on xPL;
  • For use with Girder you should additionally;
    • Install the xPLGirder plugin (installing the gateway should take care of the xPL basics, so you only need the Girder plugin, and can skip the rest)
    • Add the specific UPnP xPL handler to the setup (see the forum thread as it is not included yet in the xPLGirder files)
  • Doing some testing;
So what needs to be done still;
  • Interface needs to be fixed, probably needs to be interface-less, running as a windows service
  • test against AV devices, which use a more complicated event structure
  • implement method invokation, so you can ‘command’ the UPnP devices besides just reading them
  • For Girder; more ‘hooks’ to the devices, to make it easier for users to work with UPnP devices

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