About online backup services, why Mozy sucks

I recently lost a lot of data and had to restore it, the full set is 225GB, so thats quite a bit to download. Fortunately last summer (2010) I decided to go for an online backup service, with a set-and-forget promise for the backups. The initial backup took 2 months to complete, but after that all went pretty smooth.

So I was a happy Mozy customer (MozyHome product) for quite a while, unfortunatley the restore capabilities of the Mozy software are completely crap, and you only find out to late…

1 – Restarting system does not automatically continue a running restore (as with backups), though a restore may run for days. I had to manually keep a list of ‘small’ restore jobs I was running; eg. Pictures 2001 – 2005, next Pictures 2006 – 2008, etc). To be able to control this. If the computer is rebooted (it took me 10 days to restore) the restore job is lost, no opportunity to restart it where it left of, same for a connection failure. The mozy promise of “set-and-forget” is backup only, restore is a whole different ball game

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2 – clicking the ‘restore’ button while a restore is running shows nothing, no message no warning, no queue, only experimental can be determined that the files selected will be restored once the current restore is completed. There is no queue available to manage currently scheduled restore jobs. It just leaves a very strong urge to click again (which will enqueue another, same, job)

Status windows shows no error indication

3 – an error during a restore is NOT REPORTED PROPERLY, just very easy to miss small print on the status screen. A failed restore actually reads: “83 files(25.9 GB) restored. Details”, of which ‘details’ is a link to the log. If a restore fails, I want someone 4 inches away, screaming in my face that it failed!!! Only through an accidental view of the log, I found out that two restore jobs we’re not completed. One entailed 11.000 files, of which 100 where missing, but no details on which 100 where missing nor options to retry to restore them again. Sorting the log on “transfer rate” gave me the missing files, as the failed files did not have a transfer rate. No easy way to select those only, had to manually select the ones that remained. After seeing this, I manually checked the logs after each restorejob to prevent additional trouble.

4 – way to many errors during restores. From 3-Apr-2011 to 11-Apr-2011, I have now a log of 18 restores (see screenprint of log), of which 6 failed, so this means that I had 12 jobs (6 of the 18 were restart jobs because of the failures), so a whopping 50% of the restore jobs failed. Which I had to manually restart, fiddling with the logs etc as described above. That is unacceptable!

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5 – MozyServerError17 – Server Busy; when I’m restoring, I never, ever want to get a failed restore because of ‘Server Busy’, I need priority! 4 of the 6 failed jobs were because of this. I’m a paying customer and stressed-out because I suffered data-loss, failing jobs because of a ‘Server Busy’ is a no-go.

I liked Mozy until 2 weeks ago, but have changed my mind lately.

Lesson learned

Don’t go for a service thats excelling in backups, pick one thats excelling in recovery.

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  1. I have exactly the same issues… but this is a Mozy Pro account, with a business relying on it. I have more than 10 customers using the service and we will be switching them to something else. Enough is enough.

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