Experimental UPnP-2-xPL gateway

Having recently discovered some great tools for UPnP (formerly by Intel, now open source), I wondered whether it was possible to create some gateway. I like xPL for its simplicity but its definitions of devices (schemas etc.) are still fairly ambigious. Thats what I like about UPnP, much tighter descriptions, more solid enduser experience. I think this is why most of the xPL users are fairly technical guys that mostly build their own applications and script the whole thing together. A non-techie wouldn’t last very long out there.

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Anyway I found this great toolset and started fiddling around, and actually once you gain some understanding of the UPnP setup (devices, services, statevariables and the like) and the object model provided by the C# SDK, it wasn’t that hard.

So here is what I threw together, a windows app, with a simple box listing some log info. Behind the scenes it will create 1 xPL device for each UPnP device it finds. And everytime something updates on the UPnP side, the related xPL device fires an xPL message with the updated values. All you need to use it is an xPL logger application (Check out the ‘xPL logger for windows’ by Clinique) and some UPnP devices (Windows Media Player, a networkrouter/modem, etc). Run the application, check what happens in the logger as you start/stop UPnP devices (In the UPnP toolset there is a ‘Network Lightbulb’ application that can be used, along with the UPnP DeviceSpy).

For now thats all it does, if there is some use for it I might add some xPL-2-UPnP functionality, so you can invoke UPnP methods from xPL. That would for example enable Pause/Play/Stop commands to any UPnP supporting player from xPL, platform independent or even hardware based ones like the Philips Streamium devices or the Logitech Squeezeboxes.

btw: its just some experiment, not properly tested nor debugged, so it might just crash and burn…

Here’s the download (downloaded 32499 times).

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