RFXmitter is up-and-running, bye-bye X10

This week I finalized the serial driver for the RFXmitter by RFXcom. When requesting some info on their devices, I got a request to develop a Lua based driver for the device to be used with Girder. So I got the device (for a serious discount🙂) and coded the whole thing in Lua. And now the first version is released. Most likely not bug-free, as I don’t have most of the supported hardware, so couldn’t test all of it.

Any way, the work is done and I finally have a means of replacing the horribly unreliable X10 equipment. I started of with a starter kit of HomeEasy, 1 remote control, 3 appliance switches. Got a traffic light for the kids room and installed the 3 switches, one on each colour. Initially had this going with just the remote control, but now its all properly controlled from within Girder.

The deal with the kids is; red – stay in bed, yellow – play in your room, green – masterbedroom access granted. At 6 AM the red light is scheduled to switch on, 6:30AM the yellow one, and at 7 AM, the green one. 8AM everything is switched off.

So far so good with the equipment, the X10 stuff prooved to be very unreliable. When using the remote control, I first had to unplug all the laptop adapters to make it work. So much for the convenience of a remote control 😕. The cost is also a major benefit, the HomeEasy starter kit was approx. 30 euro, whilst a single X10 module usually is more expensive.

The download is available from the Girder page.

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