Several updates and a brand new ‘xPL Updater’ app

Today I finalized some stuff that I’ve been working on in my spare time the last couple of weeks. Results? 2 fixes and a brand new application.

There was a bug in the xPL Check Package component which took me quite a while to fix. A teacher once told me that learning hurts. Well, I’ve been in pain :-). But the fix is here and the component is working. Can be downloaded from the xPL Check Package page.

Secondly, the SMS application has been updated, first of all to include the fixed check package, but also the 3 applications have been split-up over 2 installer, one containing the main service and its configurator, the other containing only the frontend, so it can be installed separately on other systems in the network.

Finally the all new xPL Updater app. Basically a very simple idea, which mainly uses existing information, to inform users of available applications and of newer version becoming available. All (or most) vendors maintain a plugin file with their applications meta-data. This is collected and presented to the user in a simple way. Give it a try, using the search box, its very easy to find anything you like.

Its been a lot of work, but it was a worthwhile update I think.

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