Girder network check

Due to my ISP having their own (unstable) modem hardware, I needed to come up with something that would reset my internet connection when it failed. After 2 trips during which the connection failed and I could no longer access my homeserver (email, archive, etc.) I put together a Girder plugin (based on Tree Script, with Lua code) to handle this.

The plugin contains actions to create “network checks” and these raise events when something goes wrong. In my case I attached the events to an X10 device that switches the internet modem off and on again, and then send me an email as notification.

The network checks themselves, basically perform a ping to any host. By setting up multiple checks, to my homerouter, the internet modem and to external DNS servers, it enables me to know which part of the connection failed.

Network Checker screenshot

The screenprint shows the available options for configuring a Network Check.

You can download it from the Girder page.

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