Experimental UPnP-2-xPL gateway

Having recently discovered some great tools for UPnP (formerly by Intel, now open source), I wondered whether it was possible to create some gateway. I like xPL for its simplicity but its definitions of devices (schemas etc.) are still fairly ambigious. Thats what I like about UPnP, much tighter descriptions, more solid enduser experience. I think this is why most of the xPL users are fairly technical guys that mostly build their own applications and script the whole thing together. A non-techie wouldn’t last very long out there. Continue reading

Updated xPLLib 5.1 and SMS application 1.2

After some serious bug-hunting today, an updated version of the xPLLib and an updated SMS application.

The SMS application remains functionally the same, it only uses the updated xPLLib to fix a bug and last weeks updated xPLCheckPackage.

The xPLLib has 2 updates, one being the bugfix, the other is an extension that enables the download and parsing of xPL vendor plugin files. Check the xPL page for the details and downloads.

RFXmitter is up-and-running, bye-bye X10

This week I finalized the serial driver for the RFXmitter by RFXcom. When requesting some info on their devices, I got a request to develop a Lua based driver for the device to be used with Girder. So I got the device (for a serious discount🙂) and coded the whole thing in Lua. And now the first version is released. Most likely not bug-free, as I don’t have most of the supported hardware, so couldn’t test all of it. Continue reading

New xPLLib version 5.0 for .NET

Starting of in an endeavour with xPL, I went through the sources of the existing xPLLib 4.4 by Tom Van Den Panhuyzen. Then starting to update it as I saw fit, just as a means of getting acquainted with xPL.

Then again, after a lot of work and rewriting over 80-90% of the code, I might as well publish it. Several issues that existed with the previous version have been fixed. Unfortunately, due to the major change of the object model, its not backward compatible (not even close).

For now; here it is. Its absolutely certain that it is not bug-free, but please try and help me fix it. I haven’t setup a bugtracker for this yet, but once setup it’ll be on the xPL page.

The downloads are on the xPL page.

Girder network check

Due to my ISP having their own (unstable) modem hardware, I needed to come up with something that would reset my internet connection when it failed. After 2 trips during which the connection failed and I could no longer access my homeserver (email, archive, etc.) I put together a Girder plugin (based on Tree Script, with Lua code) to handle this. Continue reading

Tree Script templates

The Girder home automation software has some strong capabilities to customize it. One of those is Tree Script. It lets you add your own actions and conditionals based on Lua scripts. Unfortunately, Girder also has an extremely steep learning curve.

To ease the learning curve, I created a treescript plugin template that enables a fill-in-the-blanks approach to creating your own actions and conditionals. Its a Lua code file and an xml file that represents the interface.

You can download it from the Girder page.