RFXmitter is up-and-running, bye-bye X10

This week I finalized the serial driver for the RFXmitter by RFXcom. When requesting some info on their devices, I got a request to develop a Lua based driver for the device to be used with Girder. So I got the device (for a serious discount🙂) and coded the whole thing in Lua. And now the first version is released. Most likely not bug-free, as I don’t have most of the supported hardware, so couldn’t test all of it. Continue reading


Over the years I’ve created quite some code and other stuff, mostly Microsoft Office macros or home-automation related. The intent has always been to ease my life by reducing the number of repetetive tasks in either my professional or personal life. Most of what you’ll find here has been shared before on specific forums or sites, but with this site I’m trying to bundle the whole lot together in a single place. Basically to share whatever I’ve created with anyone who has some use for it, but also for my own reference.

For the time being, it will only contain techie stuff. So if you know me personally and arrived here based on my name, you probably won’t find anything usefull (this is my secret life). And if you don’t know me and arrived here on content, you may very well have come to the right place for what you’re looking for.

New xPLLib version 5.0 for .NET

Starting of in an endeavour with xPL, I went through the sources of the existing xPLLib 4.4 by Tom Van Den Panhuyzen. Then starting to update it as I saw fit, just as a means of getting acquainted with xPL.

Then again, after a lot of work and rewriting over 80-90% of the code, I might as well publish it. Several issues that existed with the previous version have been fixed. Unfortunately, due to the major change of the object model, its not backward compatible (not even close).

For now; here it is. Its absolutely certain that it is not bug-free, but please try and help me fix it. I haven’t setup a bugtracker for this yet, but once setup it’ll be on the xPL page.

The downloads are on the xPL page.

Hello world!

So here we go, with an all new site. WordPress this time replacing the previous Joomla site that never really got beyond the default installed templates.
For now this seems so much simpler and easier to grasp, not that Joomla was so complicated, I just didn’t care enough to take the time to set it all up.

Any way, now that its here, lets try to make it useful. So first I’ll be adding some of my older (but still useful) stuff that was previously uploaded only at specific websites. (basically that is everything you’ll find on this site that is dated before this post)

Catching all changes on an Outlook folder

I found events in microsoft outlook to be unreliable. If a modal dialog box is open (eg. MsgBox or InputBox) or a piece of code takes to long to complete, events in the background will be cancelled.  This class tries to catch the Add and Change events of a folder but will also check, after handling an item, if additional changes have occured and will then handle those subsequentially. Continue reading

Girder network check

Due to my ISP having their own (unstable) modem hardware, I needed to come up with something that would reset my internet connection when it failed. After 2 trips during which the connection failed and I could no longer access my homeserver (email, archive, etc.) I put together a Girder plugin (based on Tree Script, with Lua code) to handle this. Continue reading